Session Name Time Talk Title
Session 1 Monday AM The Narrabri Stellar Intensity Interferometer: Lessons for Tomorrow.
08:50 Welcome from Head of School.
Bill Tango 09:00 The Narrabri Stellar Intensity Interferometer and the birth of quantum optics
John Storey 09:40 The development of the Berkeley Infrared Spatial Interferometer
Lawrence Peak 10:05 HBT interferometry in heavy ion collisions - an overview
10:30 Morning Tea
Andrew White 10:50 Quantum Optics and Signal Transport
Ken Baldwin 11:30 Beyond the Hanbury Brown and Twiss experiment: measuring coherence with atoms
Robert Ward 12:10 Quantum noise in gravitational wave detectors and how to reduce it.
12:35 Lunch
Session 2 Monday PM Quantum Astronomy and Alternate Architectures for Stellar Imaging
Aglaé Kellerer 13:35 Overcoming the diffraction limit through heralded noiseless amplification: Can quantum optics serve astronomy?
Gabriel Molina-Terriza 14:15 The angular momentum of light for astronomical applications
Richard Neo 14:40 Photon Orbital Angular Momentum - Lab results
Michael Ireland 15:05 Optical Amplification in High Angular Resolution Astronomy
15:30 Afternoon Tea
Dainis Dravins 15:50 Long-baseline intensity interferometry: Microarcsecond imaging with air Cherenkov telescopes
Sascha Trippe 16:30 Optical Multi-Channel Intensity Interferometry -- Or: How to Resolve O-Stars in the Magellanic Clouds
Nolan Matthews 16:55 Progression of Stellar Intensity Interferometry techniques using 3 meter telescopes at StarBase-Utah
17:20 Session Ends.
18:30 Reception at Sydney Observatory.
Session 3 Tuesday AM Coherent Optical Astronomical Imaging
Dimitri Mawet 09:00 Complementarity and limitations of interferometry and coronagraphy atsmall angles: past, present, future
Ben Pope 09:40 The Palomar Kernel Phase Experiment
Barnaby Norris 10:05 Vampires, Dragonflies and Other Innovations in Pupil-segmenting Interferometry
10:30 Morning Tea
Erez Ribak 10:50 Longitudinal coherence in astronomy
Theo ten Brummelaar 11:15 The CHARA Array Adaptive Optics Program
Fernando Pedichini 11:40 V-SHARK and its 4runner: exploiting the LBT Adaptive Optics at Visible wavelenghts
Gerard van Belle 12:05 Facility Upgrades at the Navy Precision Optical Interferometer
12:30 Lunch
Anders Jorgensen 13:20 Multi-Baseline Chain Bootstrapping at the NPOI
Session 4 Tuesday PM Astrophotonics
Jean-Phillipe Berger 13:45 Coherent combination and astronomical high angular resolution: a personal take at photonics promises
Joss Hawthorn 14:25 Molding the flow of light - astrophotonics in action
15:05 Afternoon Tea
Michael Withford 15:25 3D Integrated Astrophotonics
Alexander Arriola 15:50 Ultrafast laser inscribed waveguides for mid-infrared interferometry
Nick Cvetojevic 16:15 Putting the photons into astrophotonics: coupling starlight into integrated optics
Sergio Leon-Saval 16:40 The Photonic Lantern
17:05 Session Ends.
18:30 Conference Dinner at Meat District Co., at King St. Wharf
Session 5 Wednesday AM The limits of imaging: new initiatives and space
Gautam Vasisht 09:00 Technologies and techniques for exoplanet imaging
Erez Ribak 09:40 Steps towards intensity interferometry in space
Paul Stewart 10:05 High Resolution Stellar Imaging with Saturn's rings and Cassini
10:30 Morning Tea
Sylvestre Lacour 10:50 Interferometry with Cubesats
Laurent Pueyo 11:15 Imaging exo-planets: not so coherent after all.
Romain Petrov 11:55 The limits of optical interferometry: an update of performances and science goals
12:20 Lunch
Michael Ashley 13:20 Why you should be interested in Antarctica
Stefan Kraus 13:45 The Science Case for the Planet Formation Imager
John Monnier 14:25 The Planet Formation Imager
15:05 Afternoon Tea
Session 6 Wednesday PM Round Table Discussion and Forum
15:25 Panel members TBA
16:30 Session Ends.
16:45 Tour of new SAIL and AINST labs. Wine and cheese reception at SAIL.